Kwesforms + React Dynamic form solution for any site or project

Let's introduce our Kwesforms + React form application that we know will save you valuable time after the first time using it.

Built for Developers & Agencies

We know first hand that working with forms can be taxing, let us show you a better way.

Built for Designers & Product Managers

You don't have to be a developer to create declarative forms, either.


Experience the Power of Dynamic Forms

Common features you'd expect from a form solution and more!

Easy to Integrate

Add a few lines of code to any project to start using the library.

Field Level Valiation

Easy to configure field validation supported with Kwesforms.

Multiple Columns

Condense and customize form layouts using columns.

Common Field Types

15+ field types to cover all your data savvy needs.

Customizable CSS

Style it to match your client or project theme using CSS.

Zapier Integrations

Configure each form with Zapier using Kwesforms integrations.

Increase Engagement

Take customer surveys and gather valuable feedback.

Save Valuable Time

Declarative forms can be reused and easily created.

Key Features & Benefits

Get started today creating your own forms with ease:

  • Embed it easily in any site or use it in your React projects.
  • Default form styles make it easy to add your own customization and leverage the built-in css custom properties.
  • Use our form templates or create your own customer surveys, contact forms and more!
  • You benefit from built-in Spam protection (reCaptcha) giving you a better source of leads.
  • Kwesforms + React

    Free to Download

  • Open-source library for Kwesforms
  • Easy to define fields and groups
  • Responsive columns and field groups
  • Documentation with form examples

  • Kwesforms + React

    Open-source software you can use for your own project(s).

    Do you have questions or need help with an integration?

    open-source software

    Easy-to-use software solution with common use-cases

    The documentation and installation instructions will guide you in getting setup with Kwesforms and how to install the software.

    What's Included in Kwesforms + React

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Our installation instructions guide you on how install the source file(s).

    You can include the script on any site and just have to load in the JSON-data you want to use.

    You can easily add multiple forms on any page by just including the same HTML markup.

    Please note: You just have to decide where to locate the JSON-data file(s) you want to use.

    The software package does include multiple examples to help you get started.

    We recommend using but if you just want to load a single form on a page, you can do that too with minimal steps.

    You can use the free Kwesforms plan to get started but you do get additional features with the "Pro" plan.

    There's no restrictions to using this software with the free or Pro plans.

    Kwesforms Pro plan allows you to configure your forms with webhooks and Zapier integrations.

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